Stages of Construction

How We Deliver Our High Quality Service

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(Timber Frame Construction)

Upon completion of the Substructure, Southern Carpentry & Joinery Ltd will rapidly take your plot from oversite to the roofing stage. Using laser levels and shims, we will level, pack and square the damp protected sole plates and shot fire them to the footprint of the building.

The plumbing and fixing up of the prefabricated timber frame panels can then take place ready to accommodate joists and flooring, this is then replicated depending upon the desired number of storeys, until which time we can lift the roof components.

The envelope of the building is sealed quickly and efficiently, ensuring your structure is water repellant from its foetal stages.


(Traditional Construction)

Once brick and blockwork has been completed up to the first floor, SCJ will take over to fix floor joists and flooring, carefully ensuring throughout the process that the joist covering is fixed with due diligence in order to eliminate the chance of any squeaks developing.

We pride ourselves on checking the cambers in each and every joist, installing them crown up to counteract the load which will be imposed upon it.

Once the joists are complete, we will cut the flooring back, resetting the cavity for the bricklaying contractor to take the plot up to roof lift, where we will take control once again.


We offer all types of roofing techniques to our clients, allowing you to choose the right style for your needs.

The prefabricated trussed rafter system has become the national standard, allowing for a swift installation which allows you to enjoy a completed project in a notably reduced amount of time.

Alternatively, the traditional timber roof is cut by us, based upon your exact project specifications. This allows for a more bespoke service and utilises our master craftsmen techniques to ensure high standards of quality.

Invariably we find ourselves incorporating both prefabricated and hand cut roofing together, forming a marriage between the two.

First Fix

Once the roof of the superstructure is weathered in, keeping the elements at bay, we can then move on to the first fix stage of the build.

Here, SCJ can fit your windows and external doors, install the staircase, internal studwork walls (if opted for), service battening (for timber frame units), door linings (within blockwork), bulkheads and window boards, etc., taking the plot through to the pre-plaster inspection.

It is in this phase in which you will see your build gain the beginnings of character and form.

Second Fix & Finishing Finals

The second fix within timber frame construction generally involves the installation of door linings at this stage. However, Southern Carpentry & Joinery Ltd will always endeavour to fix materials in the order which best suits our clients, therefore this can be tailored to you. We are more than happy to fit linings at first fix, as is invariably the case should your internal walls be constructed of brick and blockwork.

We will expertly cut and fix your skirting and architrave and we can hang your doors both before or after the painting process, again depending upon your needs.

Once painted, we will fit all ironmongery etc., to ensure your build is enhanced by beautiful finishing touches.


It goes without saying that there is a great deal more to the carpentry trade than just a roof or staircase. You may wish to include the fitting of windows or kitchens into the carpentry package of your development, maybe your plans include bespoke carports or pergolas, perhaps you wish for your project to be clad in cedar or a cementitious weatherboard, or for an elaborate porch roof to be constructed from scratch…

Whatever your needs, Southern Carpentry & Joinery Ltd will be fully on board with your objectives throughout the whole process of your development, enabling the progress out on site to mirror the Gantt chart in your office.

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